Enterprise Data Warehouse Tool

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is an adaptable data analytics platform that provides actionable, accurate, and evidence-based reporting for State Medicaid agencies. The solution is built keeping modularity in mind and is developed using Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products. The product features self-service reporting using standard web browsers and mobile applications to serve all divisions within a Medicaid agency. Out-of-the-Box canned reports, requiring minimal configuration, support operational and federal reporting needs. Tools for data discovery, visualization, and ad hoc reporting empower users of different skillsets to more easily adapt to the environment and gather insights from the data. The platform supports a flexible data model and allows for easy integration of new datasets to create data lakes and provide enhanced reporting.

Product Highlights

  • Single Sign-On: Self-register and sign on to all applications within the platform, seamlessly from a single secure portal
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Extract claims related and clinical data from a variety of source systems and registries – Databases, HADOOP clusters, files, APIs, X12 transactions, CDA R2 templates, HL7 messages
  • Metadata Reporting: Access data models, data dictionaries, source to target mappings, ETL processing statistics from within the reporting portal
  • COTS Products: Use SAP’s Business Objects Enterprise reporting suite and applications for ad hoc, data discovery, and visualizations to create powerful stories
  • Data Analytic Applications: Browse deployed data analytic applications to gain insight into national or state-specific initiatives for analysis of data for opioids, diabetes, asthma, Emergency Department visits, etc.
  • Data Foundation: Easily integrate existing and new data sources into a flexible data model built on Microsoft’s SQL Server Enterprise data foundation
  • Flexible: Want to bring your own reporting tool? Add Tableau or QlikView to the environment and create dashboards
  • Out-of-the-Box Reporting: Access pre-built operational and standard federal canned reports (CMS 416, 372, etc.) from the portal
  • Security: Ensure enterprise level security using single sign-on, role-based access, and audit logging capabilities
  • Data Extracts: Securely send data to actuaries, CMS (TMSIS), FWA vendors, etc. via secure FTP or APIs
  • Quality Measure Engine: Report on 25 CMS CQM measures off claims and clinical data or create custom state-specific measures
  • Modular Features: Ability to integrate with Johns Hopkins ACG® (Adjusted Clinical Group) System. Predict a population’s past or future healthcare utilization and costs based on a statistically valid case mix methodology.
  • MITA and MECT: Aligned to meet the certification requirements in the MECT 2.2 checklists
  • Training: Access training manuals, videos, and how-to guides directly from the reporting portal