Program Integrity and Case Tracking Tool

HealthTech Solutions’ Program Integrity (PI) and Case Tracking Tool is a web-based, mobile-friendly software solution designed for fully integrated human services case tracking and follow up with improved interoperability and technical functionality. The product was designed by Program Integrity (PI) experts with end user functionality as a priority. Among its many offerings, the product provides dashboard tools for analytics and reporting and includes enhanced configurable options for integrating with other human services enterprise applications.

Product Highlights

  • Product meets the certification requirements in the MECT 2.2 checklist
  • Intuitive, tablet-friendly solution designed by usability experts
  • Base product includes a fully integrated case tracking tool
  • Pre-built algorithms for reporting
  • Powerful dashboards and insight management tools
  • Support for advanced analytics
  • Easy to use self-service online configuration tools for PI staff
  • Enterprise level security capabilities, including single sign-on, role-based access, and audit logging capabilities

Key Business Capabilities

  • Pre-Built Reports: The Reports Repository is a one stop shop for accessing all standard, configured, and ad hoc reports, including the CMS 64 report for improved federal reporting capability.
  • PI Insights Module: This powerful module is designed to provide actionable insights for identifying and understanding PI cases. The Insights Module offers several analysis tools necessary to evaluate data, including:
    • Dashboards
    • Analyzers
    • Profilers
    • Drill-down framework
    • Visualizations including charts, maps, tables, and reports
  • Self-Service Analysis Tools: Various self-service capabilities are available within the collaboration portal which allow the PI staff to complete operational functions. The user-friendly tools encourage and empower staff to use the solution without requiring significant technical help or report design. Example self-service analysis tools include:
    • Pattern and measure analyzers
    • Profilers which support data mining and analysis
    • Registries used to define data extract criteria
    • Custom data extracts in CSV, XML, JSON, and Excel formats
  • Pre-built PI Algorithms: Users will have access to pre-built algorithms in the form of Measures, Peer Groups (profiles), and Patterns. Authorized users will be able to view existing algorithms and add new PI algorithms to support the emerging PI needs of the client, as well as supporting the detection of new patterns of fraud, waste, and abuse. All algorithms are fully configurable to meet the State’s needs.