HealthTech Solutions has the experience and capacity to develop requirements-driven, customized software and can modify and customize our existing technology solutions to meet state-specific needs. We are fundamentally an agile development practice, but having spent decades working in government IT, our team is also flexible to deliver solutions in the waterfall-style method. We also have experience in:

Technical Architecture

Our technical architects can help develop an organization’s IT environment based on industry-leading insight and best practices for technical and application design. We can help define IT strategy, logical structures, and physical environments to focus on the most important components including:

  • Enterprise modeling
  • Ensuring system modularity and interoperability
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Developing business rules and requirements
  • Implementing service oriented architectures, software-as-a-service, and cloud computing
  • Identifying key interfaces

IT Assessment

Our consultants have performed a wide range of IT assessments. We have Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) experience in several states and have performed assessments for public health and statewide financial systems. Our assessments are based on a practical approach to identify the current environment, partner with operational users to set a future state or goal, and then identify the implementation gaps. Based on industry best practices, all engagements are led by certified project managers.

Systems Design, Development, and Installation (DDI)

We excel at translating user needs into system-level technical requirements. Nearly all our consultants have a technical background, and we can identify the components, interfaces, and key data needed to meet user requirements. We use industry best practices and methods to ensure all client needs are understood and met, whether we are making changes to an existing system or designing from the ground up.

Operations and Support

Our technical experts can provide strategic direction for ongoing operations and support in existing systems and new implementations. We have decades of experience in enterprise operating systems, load balancing, database administration, identity management infrastructure, security, server architecture, and disaster recovery planning. Because we are technology independent, we are free to be a true partner in our clients’ success.


Technical and cloud-based hosting and support is one of the fastest growing areas at HealthTech Solutions. We understand that cloud computing is fundamentally a service-based activity, and our record of customer service and support drives our mission. Our technical team can provide software-as-a-service, service platforms, or infrastructure to meet changing technical and storage needs. Our experts are familiar with statewide implementations and have hosting arrangements available nationwide.

Custom Software Development

Our development experts can customize databases, management systems, and applications for unique business needs, and they have an unmatched ability in healthcare systems. We have implemented state level registries, data warehouses, and population health solutions which are in active use nationwide. Our team of experts can build comprehensive and scalable solutions no matter how complex or unique the clients’ needs.

Enterprise Architecture

We can help develop the strategies, standards, configurations, and technical services required by changing business needs. Our business analysts can translate needs into actions, and our technical architects have the experience working with enterprise systems to ensure that infrastructure services are paired to actual need. We ensure clients’ business, operational, and strategic interests are enabled by the technologies and tools we recommend.

Information Architecture

Our information architects can identify the interfaces, protocols, and parameters of an organization’s data systems and turn them into actionable information. With decades of experience working with enterprise and statewide databases, we can organize, structure, and label content in the most efficient and effective way for the client’s organization. Technology independent, we begin our information architecture projects by listening to our clients to identify user needs and develop system objectives.

Data Analytics

We provide comprehensive data services including data management, validation, analysis, and reporting. Our experts take an enterprise approach to data, so information is appropriately communicated based on clients’ needs. We rely on industry-leading tools and techniques to parse and make sense of data coming from different sources, supported by industry-leading talent with years of experience in the operations field. Our consistent, reliable, and timely operational intelligence enables smart business decisions no matter how challenging the real-time environment.

Interface DDI

HealthTech Solutions understands the critical linkages between systems and information. Whether we are designing interfaces for systems, software, or users, we strive for adaptability and ease of use with every application. We ensure clients receive intuitive and user-friendly designs that are robust in logical and physical design to meet both functional and business requirements.

Systems Configuration & Testing

Organizations with complex IT environments are constantly struggling against hardware, device, and software compatibility issues. We have decades of experience managing and simplifying the configuration process, using industry-leading tools and custom testing scripts. Certified project management professionals lead all HealthTech Solutions engagements and our ability to provide comprehensive configuration and testing stands out in the industry. We rigorously test systems to ensure configurations meet client requirements.

Performance Improvement

If a program or line of service needs performance improvement or even basic performance tracking, HealthTech Solutions is a ready partner for quality improvement challenges. We combine experts from various fields with backgrounds in operations, business analysis, finance, information architecture, and technology. Our team members have industry-leading experience in project management, systems, and data architecture and ensure our clients capture the right data for use in a meaningful way to drive success.

Change/Process Management

Experts in the areas of change/process management, we can reduce the risk and frustration of working with inefficient or ineffective processes. We partner with clients to support critical decisions in business operations. Our team is ready to help clients become more agile and achieve higher levels of success built on sound management principles and a deep understanding of business needs.

Information Management

We connect people, business processes, information, and technology in ways that drive ongoing success. Our team builds focus based on client needs and translates it into the requirements for data, systems, and reports. Our team of technical consultants has decades of field experience in application systems, data analytics, and information management and is ready to make the critical connections between data, information, and action.