State Level Registry

In order to comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services EHR Incentive Program, states must have a database to register and pay providers. There are additional validation and audit activities to ensure payments are made in compliance with the program.

HealthTech Solutions developed a State Level Registry (SLR) to meet the program requirements with a lowest-cost solution. Our SLR is being used by five states and one U.S. territory. We offer a different solution for providers reporting clinical quality metrics results to the state.

We also offer ancillary support and consulting services to states and providers for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program planning and compliance efforts. Our team has deep experience with state and federal agencies implementing various aspects of the HITECH Act since its beginning.

SLR in more detail

The HealthTech Solutions SLR solution is a system that was developed to assist states in implementing their Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. The EHR Incentive Program is a federal program that allows states to provide federal incentives to Eligible Providers (EP) and Eligible Hospitals (EH) who implement and use an EHR in their practices in a meaningful manner. The HealthTech Solutions SLR is a state specific user-friendly system that allows providers to register, participate, and receive incentive payment in the program. Additionally, the HealthTech Solutions SLR solution includes a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool that assists states in tracking their EHR Incentive Program and provider population. The HealthTech Solutions SLR offers a flexible and cost-efficient approach to state level system design, development, and implementation (DDI).

SLR includes the following three components:

Provider Facing Application

  • Accessed through SSL connection in an internet browser
  • Interfaces with other Medicaid files (e.g., provider eligibility data)
  • Interfaces with CHPL real-time for CEHRT validation
  • Designed with specific text, functionality, and navigation for EPs or EHs depending on their Meaningful Use (MU) Stage and Program Year
  • Navigation flow ensures that providers enter all data required by CMS for the EHR Incentive Program
  • Application editing validates that the submission meets provider eligibility and MU requirements
  • Includes links to User Manuals/Tip sheets
  • Allows for documents to be uploaded up to 100MB (PDF, Word, Excel)
  • Allows providers to view historical attestations
  • Allows a provider to submit issues viewable to the state staff on the workflow application
  • Provides printable version of attestation data available to providers

State Administration Access

  • Accessed through SSL connection in an internet browser
  • Automated workflow that allows for separation of duties, at least 2 approvers prior to payment
  • Work queues cover all required checks for the EHR Incentive program
  • All individual review points allow for entry and store comments made by reviewer
  • Each work queue allows documentation to be uploaded by the state staff that is not visible to the provider
  • All checks are stored and available for tracking
  • Workflow includes additional consideration for providers who are transferring from another state
  • Flexible and processes payments using a financial transaction form produced by state staff or generates an automated file to be sent to the state or their designee
  • Ability to process pre- and post-adjustments to a provider’s payment
  • Ability to enter and track provider audits
  • Reporting is available within the application for operations and CMS required reporting
  • Includes a configurable message board that can be used by state staff to enter messages or announcements to all participants, EPs, or EHs, or individual NPI. These messages will be displayed on the home page of the provider facing application for the time established by the state staff.
  • Allows review of any issues submitted by providers during their attestation and response in a secure manner
  • The workflow provides a notes space for additional contact information and account notes in relation to a provider

SLR Interfaces

HealthTech Solutions can establish the interface with CMS for the EHR Incentive Program on the state’s behalf for all SLR transactions with the NLR or we can connect with the state if they wish to hold the connection.